• Project Name: North Hialeah Elementary School
  • Address: 4251 E 5 AVE HIALEAH, FL 33013
  • Project Completion Date: 10/06/2020

On this Project Blizzard Air Conditioning had to replace a 120 Ton Air Cool Chiller.

This Project was completed on a weekend as requested by the School to minimize classroom disruption.

The new Chiller was installed on a different location. Some re-piping was done by our pipe fitters because chilled water supply and return were relocated.

Foam insulation of the new pipes was done by our Team of Insulators. Insulators also worked on the existing pump that  was in bad shape due to the harsh weather in Florida. All the insulation was covered with metal jacket for better protection.

Team Disconnected electrical equipment feed from air cooled chiller ‐Insured controls are salvage labeled and reconnected . Also the chilled water piping at selected point from chiller was disconnected.

All the thermometers and pressure gauges were replaced.

isolation valves and flanges on chilled water supply and return lines were also replaced.

Chilled water piping was connected to new chiller.

A pressure test of all newly installed chilled water piping was performed.

Manufacturer’s representative  performed start up and provided document.

All new work was installed per School’s Master & Design Criteria.